thoughts on goodbyes x aa ritzy

major life update! we’re moving.

so basically milo is moving to taiwan for work. she’s been excited about this for ages, but now that we’re about to leave she suddenly realizes she actually has emotions and is feeling all sentimental about the whole thing. go figure.

anyway, we decided to have a final bangkok-city brunch, to commemorate the times milo has spent in countless cafés throughout bangkok, curating her instagram presence. no hipster hangout has been left unattended, no fancy plate un-snapped. fun times. it’s all pretty nostalgic, really. 

so. looking for a trendy new brunch place? momentarily over the white-washed minimalist grid vibes that are sweeping the bangkok café scene, and searching for something more hip to suit your refined artistic tastes? aa ritzy is the new instagram-worthy place to be.


nestled in soi sawatdi near asoke, aa ritzy combines a café, art gallery, and flexible event space. perfect for anything from chill sunday brunch to private party.

also perfect for our final bangkok-brunch for a while. i’m not sad about it because obviously we’ll be back. it’s not like milo will never see her friends and current co-workers again. human sentimentality is so strange and illogical.


illogical but at the same time valid. goodbyes are sad because you aren’t necessarily leaving people behind. you’re leaving behind experiences. here’s why humans are not like inanimate frogs: humans change. i don’t. teehee.

sure, human milo gets to come back one day and meet all her human friends. but she’ll be a different human milo, and her friends will also be slightly different. it’s not ‘goodbye friends’, it’s ‘goodbye me being in this situation with this group of people’. she’s sad because she knows she won’t get to relive these exact experiences again, because things will have changed. ideally, they will change for the better. still different though.

i’m lucky i’m a toy frog. i will be exactly the same, so nothing to worry about.

anyway, aa ritzy is run by a friendly and cheerful couple from hong kong. basically they moved here two years ago and tried to find some cool hangout spots where they could throw parties and drink with close friends, but failed to find anything that suited their needs. places were either too crowded, or didn’t have the hip yet cosy vibe they were looking for.


their solution? make one.


and that’s exactly what aa ritzy is. with its post-modern interior, art pieces hung along bare walls, and industrial stainless-steel façade, the cafe is chic and stylish, yet undeniably cosy.

it’s interesting because this couple has really sort of settled in bangkok. their kids study here and everything. but that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten hong kong. when they go back they also have a place there. this is like humanity’s super-evolved version of basic mammal territorial-marking. it’s actually super cool, and i bet milo will be the same. territory in taiwan, territory in bangkok.

milo is excited too. she’s just sad because the beginning of something is also the end of something else. but being sad is good because one of the most ridiculous (but common) human habits is to question their own feelings.


aa ritzy is made up of two main spaces; main café, and separate art exhibition room. the café itself is in a warehouse furnished with bold, pastel-coloured furniture. a long table for large group lunches or collaborative meetings. a smaller one for more intimate outings.  natural sunlight illuminates the space during the day, and at night LED lights wrapped around the structure flicker and change colour, like a private disco. they call it the lantern because at night, it really feels like you’re in one.


the art gallery isn’t just for decoration; it’s legit. the owner is an art dealer, and her gallery features some pretty incredible art pieces by both local and international artists like peerawayt krasaesom and coo lan. if your walls are feeling a little bare, you could buy a painting along with your iced cappuccino.

speaking of, food was pretty good. milo got an iced mocha, and the recommended frozen cheese cake. they said (and i quote) “you have to try it; completely amazing. our signature dish.” the cheesecake did not disappoint.


two flavours: strawberry, and lemon. we took strawberry. expect delicious crumble and melt-in-your mouth cheese. also, it’s homemade. the whole thing takes about an hour. A for effort.


obviously, that wasn’t all we ordered. brunch isn’t complete without actual food, but because eggs benedict has become slightly overrated, we went for french salmon farfella. and a salad. shoutout to the homemade salad sauce made with honey mustard and apple cider.


we finished our meal with iced rose-tea. comes in both hot and cold. i personally recommend cold. refreshing, amazing.


owner: “people go to cafés, and they order an iced latte, or an americano. they aren’t things to be shared. you get your drink i get mine. but with tea, suddenly we can all drink together.”


final verdict: great place, cosy and stylish setting. many good photo-shoot spots, both inside and outside. fair price range (coffee was around 155THB, 180THB for the pasta). worth the visit, especially if you’re into art. do consider buying some of their pieces. also, if you’re planning on throwing a party or event, but don’t know what venue to pick, you could definitely rent the whole place out! contact them through facebook or give them a call!


it was a good brunch. i think we’re ready to leave. the hardest part about leaving is the part where you prepare to go. then you just do it, and it’s happens so quickly and easily that it might take you by surprise. like when you prepare to jump and suddenly fall. except you land on something soft and fluffy. like me!

laters, bangkok! we love you!

x, frog.


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