Milo’s Memoirs: Hello Tainan! #throwback

plot-twist: milo is employed!!! no one really knows how or why, but she’s now working as a ‘social media marketing and communications executive’ at a design company in tainan. it’s a v long job title but i still don’t know if she does anything but blog??? like does she actually have a job or is this all a scam???

anyway, few people know this but she interned at this company back when she was fresh out of college and completely lost and confused (not much has changed tbh). to commemorate this whole returning to a past home thing i’ve included one of her older blog posts from that time as a guest article here.


read more to get to know tainan!

Hello, Tainan!


Late into my last semester of university ever, I realized I was essentially completely unprepared to face the wrath of adulthood. There is a strange transition period between being a student and being a so-called ‘adult’, where you don’t know exactly what you want, can and should do with the rest of your life, and I was effectively stuck there; a situation that demanded rectification. Said rectification came in the form of plane tickets to Taiwan.


Long story short: I applied for an internship with Jia-Jia Accommodation, Traveling, and Creation Company, and will be working as a Design Assistant in their Tainan-based office for the next two months. It’s all very exciting and much better than unemployment!!!


Here’s the thing about Tainan; the city sometimes feels like it’s on fire. At this time of year, the average temperature hits 33°C, and it’s not the type of city where you’d easily find shade and air-conditioning. Here’s another thing about Tainan: the city itself is so incredible you would willingly tolerate the burn.


Tainan is Taiwan’s oldest city, and it’s quaint and full of stories. Taipei might be dubbed as ‘Little Japan’, but Tainan is the true hidden gem. Walking along narrow streets bustling with street vendors, motorcycles zigzagging through the traffic, and the occasional temple, you can’t help but notice how effortlessly romantic the historic city is. This isn’t a curated old town for foreigners to gawk at; this is an example of a city where culture has managed to flourish in a modern era. As I wander through winding alleys with my friends, stopping to greet the chubby and charismatic man who sells beef stew at the street corner, we stick out like sore thumbs in a virtually tourist-free town.

Tainan is great for many reasons, but if I only had a minute to convince you to get here I’d just stuff a salapao in your face. Or milk tea, your pick. The food here is plentiful and delicious, and very rarely will you find such good quality freshly-prepared local dishes at affordable prices, but I’ll elaborate on this another time.


Yeah, I could get used to living here.

xx, MILO ❤


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